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02.05.2016 22:19

E28 518i verkaufen (for sale)

Hi All,

I have an E28 518i since 2010. I bought it from the first owner. I used it for dialy driver for 60k kms and then i have completley rebuild it mechanically and aesthetically. It is very original, it needed some minor chassis work and partly repaint (mostly threshold and bottom and painted the trunk, engine room, wings, doors) it was treated by mike sanders (8 kgs) it got new sealings in the engine and the chassis. The engine is also rebuilt including the head sealings and gaskets.

The drivetrain is also renewed the gearbox has new oil and the differencial has also. The clutch is new including the main hydraulic cylinder. The brakes are new (rear is drum). The suspension is also new, including the shock absorbers.

The car is very original. Factory 5 speed, sliding roof, electric mirrors, stereo. I bought a completley new interior from Dingolfing from this website, it is the same green as the original. The floormat is plush. The car has no rust, no scratch, like new. The dashboard has no crack!! The exhaust and the tyres are also new.

The car is in good condition generally, it looks like note2.

The whole process is well documented, i took dozen of pictures from chassis work and others.

I really love my car it works perfectly but i have new projectes in my life and i have to leave it behind.

Please find attached some links below thoose are containing pictures and stories.

I built this car for myself, every contributor was selected carefully.

So i made my decision about this car, it has to go.

What do you think, where is the best place or the best way to sell it? The car is in Hungary (im hungarian), but i can move it to Germany or somewhere.

Any idea from the price?
my number is +36202194679

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