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06.02.2017 18:17

BMW E9 CSL Replik-Rennwagen, von E28

Guten tag!
We are small company from Russia, we are engaged in car maintenance (mostly BMW, also Porsche, Audi, and others), tuning and preparing for competitions. And our hobby is buying and restoring classic ("young-timer") german cars. There is nothing about commercial interest (the market of this kind of cars is tiny here), we do it just for fun.
So, our latest project is our replica of BMW E9 CSL Racing car, which is known as "Batmobile".

Of course, there are no E9 road cars in our country, and we have chosen the E28 as "donor".
So, we have found 1985's E28, in "not very rusty" condition (it is the best option of E28 here).

We have seen some info about the similar project in Europe (Norway, as we remember), the guys have made the "Batmobile" from e28 too, using factory steel body panels with extenders. We chose the other way - to use self-made fiberglass body panels. Also, we were very lucky to find vintage BBS wheels. And the car was fully restored.
I will attach some photos, the "donor" car, in the middle of the process, and the final result.

The full information about the process you may find on our website:

We hope, this is interesting for the community. Later, we can write about other project: BMW E12 520i restoration.

.Car with new body panels
.final look
.final look

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